Our Team Approach

Our Team Approach

In order to offer our patients continuity of care, we use a team concept within our office. Each team includes one pediatrician and one pediatric nurse practitioner. There is no difference in the quality of care provided by the various teams. The nurses who work with each physician/nurse practitioner are also important team members. You will develop a bond with your physician as well as with their nurses, who are deeply committed to all aspects of your child’s care.

Nurse Practitioners

We built Holland Pediatrics team around two kinds of care providers: doctors and nurse practitioners. We did so because we believe strongly in providing guidance to parents, fostering well-being in our little patients and their families, and practicing preventive medicine. Doctors do all these, but so do nurse practitioners. These functions are central to their training and role.

You may be wondering what a nurse practitioner (NP) is, and why you’d want your child to see one. We have several on our staff, and both parents and patients enjoy seeing them. Here’s why:

First, three main concepts inform how NPs work:

  • Compassion and empathy; after all, they’re nurses first.
  • NPs work with the whole family, not just the patient.
  • They focus on prevention of illness as well as treatment.

Second, their training is comprehensive:

  • Educationally and professionally, the NP is the highest level of nurse.
  • Our NPs are all registered nurses with Master’s degrees in pediatric care.
  • They study evidence-based medicine and science, just as doctors do.

Finally, there’s no difference in the care your child receives. NPs can:

  • Prescribe medicine
  • Order lab work and further testing as necessary
  • Perform many of the same functions as a doctor.

Consult with a physician if there are concerns outside their scope of practice.