Contact - Appointments


To schedule an appointment, please call 616.393.0166.  If your child is ill and you need an appointment or have questions, please call as early in the day as possible.  If your schedule allows for flexible appointment scheduling, you can also request an appointment online through our patient portal.

Unless previously arranged with our staff, please do not ask us to work in other members of your family at the time of your appointment. While we would like to accommodate such requests, the delays that result can be an imposition to other patients.

If your child has a chronic childhood illness, please request that he or she sees their primary care physician for their well-child exams.

If a relative or baby-sitter brings your child to the office for treatment, please have them bring a written Caregiver Consent Form – English signed by you, as parent or legal guardian. Please note that a parent must be present for immunization to be given unless an authorization for treatment form is signed.

To schedule an appointment, please call 616.393.0166.